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Experience the next level of AI speech software with ElevenLabs. Discover the unmatched realism and versatility of our cutting-edge technology, empowering creators and publishers to unleash their storytelling potential like never before.
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Expand your reach with our AI voice Synthesis

Take your content a step further with our cutting-edge text-to-speech solution. Create top-notch auditory output in any voice, tone, and language. Our text narrator harnesses AI technology that captures human nuances and variations with unparalleled accuracy, tailoring the sound based on the context.
Text to Speech for Videos
For both content creators and short story writers, leverage our AI voice generator to craft compelling auditory narratives and enhance your online presence.
Bring fictional characters to lifeStories with emotions
Text to Speech for Games
Engage your gaming audience with our AI voice generator, perfect for enhancing in-game experiences. Elevate NPC interactions and immersive real-time narrations, driving your game's audio quality to unparalleled heights.
Experience the impact of AI-generated voices in gamingImmersive gaming
Text to Speech for Audiobooks
Transform narrative pieces into captivating audio journeys. With our AI voice generator, authors and publishers can craft audiobooks that resonate with a lifelike voice and intonation, optimizing content for an auditory audience.
AI-voiced example of an audiobookEvery book deserves to be heard
Text to Speech for Chatbots
Enhance user engagement with our text to speech solution. Catering to the needs of long-form content, our AI voice generator delivers a seamless and lifelike auditory experience.
Experience interactions with an AI-generated voiceAI assistants with personality

Experience Advanced AI text to speech

Produce realistic spoken content in any language or voice using the leading text-to-speech (TTS) technology, enriched with AI-driven emotional nuances.

Text to Speech screenshot

Indistinguishable from Human Speech.
Transform text into vibrant audio spanning 29 languages and 120 distinct voices. Perfect for digital artisans, receive top-tier TTS playback in an instant.
Precision Tuning.
Seamlessly modify voice results via an intuitive dashboard. Choose a mix of vocal precision and consistency, or enhance vocal tones for a more dynamic presentation.
Online Text Reader.
Employ our deep learning-driven utility to vocalize any text, from concise emails to comprehensive PDFs, reducing both expenses and time.

AI Voice Generator in 29 Languages

Our text-to-speech solution caters to 29 languages and encompasses a wide range of accents. Simply pick the desired accent and input text in your preferred language. With VoiceLab, voice-clone once and utilize it across any language. Dive into the full spectrum of languages and & accents
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Generate AI Voices with VoiceLab

Replicate your voice or forge brand-new synthetic vocals in mere minutes with cutting-edge Generative AI techniques. Craft realistic voiceovers for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and beyond.
Clone Your Voice
Our voice replication technology empowers you to craft a digital vocal that echoes authentic human nuances. Duplicate your own voice swiftly online. For content creators to short story authors, our AI-powered voice synthesizer facilitates the creation of enthralling auditory narratives.
Feature 01
Create New Voices
Our AI-driven voice synthesizer offers on-the-spot premium audio production, serving as an ideal asset for podcasters, writers, and content innovators. Craft AI character vocals in a flash.
AI Generated Voices
Feature 02
Find Voices
Showcase the distinctive synthetic voices you've shaped to our dynamic community and delve into voices shaped by others, unveiling a universe of sound possibilities.
Voice Library
Feature 03
Multiple languages. Replicate your voice from an audio in one language and employ it to produce speech in another.
Instant Results. Achieve your intended result swiftly. Attain your voice duplication promptly with Instant Voice Cloning.
Versatile. Discover the ideal voice for any endeavor, whether it's a video, audiobook, video game, or blog.

Long-form text to speech with Projects

Our pioneering audio directing and editing system grants you full mastery over the creative journey for crafting audiobooks, extended videos, and online content. Dive deeper into 'Projects'
Conversion of whole books. Bring in content from diverse formats like .epub, .txt, and .pdf, and transform whole books into auditory experiences.
Text-inputted pauses. Personally modify the pause durations between spoken sections for optimal rhythm.
Multiple languages and voices. Select from an extensive array of languages and vocal tones to craft the ideal auditory journey.
Regenerate selected fragments Redo particular audio segments if the result doesn't meet your expectations.
Save progress. Preserve your work and revisit your project whenever you wish.
Single click conversion. Transform your literary gems into enthralling audiobooks, engaging listeners on the move.

Powered by cutting-edge research

Our text-to-speech, voice replication, and AI voice synthesis solutions are rooted in cutting-edge generative AI research. We're dedicated to elevating the benchmark in AI-driven speech creation and stretching the limits of potential.

Ethical AI

At Eleven, we uphold the philosophy of harnessing the potential of emerging technologies, but not recklessly. As we innovate, we incorporate measures to mitigate risks of detrimental misuse. To enlighten our users and the wider community about our values and protective measures, we offer the subsequent resources:

Frequently asked questions

At ElevenLabs, employ Voice Design and Voice Cloning to craft AI voices. Voice Design lets you tailor the speaker's persona for distinct vocal tones in your narratives, whereas Voice Cloning replicates actual voices. This guarantees a diverse and exclusive range in your synthesized voices, as they're purely synthetic and not associated with real individuals.

ElevenLabs presents a variety of subscription tiers, ranging from a complimentary Free Plan to specialized Enterprise plans. Each plan boasts a unique set of features, such as character allotments, bespoke voices, and advanced voice cloning capabilities. Here's a brief overview of the plans:

  • Free Plan: 10,000 characters monthly, a maximum of 3 tailored voices, Voice Design, and voice generation in 29 languages.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at $5/month, it offers 30,000 characters monthly, and supports up to 10 custom voices, among other features.
  • Creator Plan: At $22/month, you get 100,000 characters monthly, with the ability to design up to 30 unique voices, plus additional benefits.
  • Independent Publisher Plan: For $99/month, benefit from 500,000 characters monthly and craft up to 160 distinct voices, among other perks.
  • Growing Business Plan: For $330/month, you're allotted 2,000,000 characters monthly and can create up to 660 custom voices, along with more features.
  • Enterprise Plan: This comes with tailor-made pricing and quotas, PVC for any voice choice, priority processing, and dedicated customer support.

Absolutely, you can access ElevenLabs AI voice synthesizer at no cost with our Free Plan. This offers 10,000 characters monthly, allows for up to 3 tailored voices, features Voice Design, and supports voice creation in 29 languages.

ElevenLabs delivers premier Text to Speech solutions and the top-tier AI voice synthesizer on the web. Utilizing sophisticated deep learning techniques, our AI voice generator ensures superior audio results, emotional resonance, and a diverse spectrum of voice options. It's the go-to choice for content innovators and authors aiming to produce immersive auditory narratives.

ElevenLabs' voice replication and text-to-speech offerings cater to an expansive array of users and enterprises across diverse platforms. Some distinct applications encompass:

  • Platforms for Content Creation such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Audiobook Outlets like Audible or Google Play Books.
  • Electronic Presentation Tools like PowerPoint or Prezi.
  • Business IVR Systems.
  • Podcasting Venues like Spotify or Apple Podcasts

ElevenLabs facilitates text-to-speech conversion in 29 languages, broadening your content's reach to international listeners. Among the supported languages are Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and several others.

Certainly, ElevenLabs provides a developer-friendly text-to-speech API. It delivers swift audio streaming and empowers you to seamlessly weave our services into your apps. Plus, our expert community is on hand for support.

AI Text to Speech (TTS) is a pioneering technology that translates written content into verbalized audio using artificial voices. It replicates the nuances of human speech, enriching content with clarity and appeal. At ElevenLabs, our state-of-the-art AI crafts voices that sound organic, enhanced by understanding context and emulating accents.

  • Text-to-Audio Transformation: TTS morphs written content into digestible audio.
  • Personalized Voice Replication: Our Voice Cloning tool enables tailored voice models.
  • AI-Driven Vocal Synthesis: Advanced AI algorithms curate authentic-sounding voices.
  • Reading Assistant Feature: TTS supports education, inclusivity, and entertainment.
  • Comprehensive TTS Solutions: ElevenLabs presents a range of TTS innovations.

Unveil the magic of AI Text to Speech and Voice Cloning with ElevenLabs.

AI voice cloning crafts artificial renditions of human voices by examining audio clips to replicate the nuances, pitch, and distinct attributes of an individual's voice. At ElevenLabs, our Voice Cloning technology enables bespoke vocal solutions, enriching content dynamism and user engagement.

  • Digital Voice Blueprints: Voice Cloning fabricates virtual voice templates.
  • Tailoring Capabilities: Offers substantial customization for distinct vocal outputs.
  • Authentic Voice Reproduction: Leveraging AI, our Voice Cloning reproduces lifelike voices.
  • Diverse Uses: Applicable in custom voice assistants, voiceovers, and beyond.
  • Amplified User Connection: Bolsters rapport and resonance with listeners.

An AI voice generator leverages artificial intelligence to transform text into speech that resonates with human-like tones. At ElevenLabs, our AI voice generator specializes in delivering authentic and tailored vocal results.

  • Authentic Vocal Nuances: Captures genuine intonations and regional accents.
  • Broad Vocal Range: Supports multiple languages and their respective dialects.
  • Seamless Experience: Intuitive and ideal for both individual users and enterprises.

A web-based text reader is a digital solution that transforms written content into audible speech via text-to-speech (TTS) mechanisms. ElevenLabs presents an online text reader that emphasizes vocal authenticity and expressiveness, enhancing content accessibility and appeal.

  • Inclusivity: Tailored for individuals with visual challenges or reading barriers.
  • Streamlined Operation: Our system facilitates effortless text-to-speech transitions.
  • Tailored Auditory Experience: Offers adaptable voice selections to enrich listening.

Step 1: Voice & Settings Selection

Pick a voice and fine-tune settings to suit your taste.

Step 2: Text Entry

Populate the given space with your text in any of the available languages.

Step 3: Convert and Review

Hit 'Generate' for text-to-audio transformation. Playback and tweak as required.

Proceed to download the audio for your endeavor.

Step 1: Join ElevenLabs

Register on our website and navigate to VoiceLab to tap into Voice Cloning.

Step 2: Provide Voice Clips

Add clear audio samples of the desired voice for cloning.

Step 3: Train the Model

Initiate training with your samples. Opt for Instant Voice Cloning for rapid results or Professional Voice Cloning, which culminates in around 4 weeks.

Step 4: Craft Your Audio

After training concludes, produce audio using your replicated voice.