Pictory AI - Easy Video Creation for Content Marketers

Enhance lead generation and sales by converting your content into highly engaging videos with AI's rapid, scalable, and cost-effective capabilities.

What is Pictory AI ?

Pictory AI is a web-based tool that transforms text into polished videos using artificial intelligence. Ideal for digital marketers, Pictory simplifies video creation by automating the assembly of video clips, images, and stock footage based on the provided text. Users can customize aspect ratios, select voiceovers, and incorporate music, making it easy to create videos quickly. While Pictory streamlines production and offers a user-friendly platform for generating content from articles and blog posts, it may lack the unique touch of custom-edited videos. The free version allows up to 10 videos per month, making it a practical, though somewhat limited, tool for enhancing online engagement.

Pictory AI Feature

Script to Video

Script to Video is an incredibly useful feature that turns any written script into a professional-looking video effortlessly.

How It Works

  1. Copy and paste your script or upload a text document into Pictory's editor.
  2. Customize the video style, voice, music, text formatting, and captions.
  3. Pictory's AI analyzes the script, pulling relevant b-roll footage and images from its extensive stock library, ensuring visual content aligns with the narrative.
  4. The AI generates clear synthetic voiceovers that match your script.
  5. Everything is stitched together – b-roll, voiceover, background music, and transitions – into a seamless, polished video.


  1. In just minutes, create shareable marketing, presentation, or tutorial videos without any technical expertise.
  2. The video quality surpasses expectations, making it ideal for quick and efficient video creation.
  3. Rated 5/5 for speed, simplicity, customization options, and professional results.

Summary: The Script to Video feature is an indispensable tool for content creators, allowing you to focus on scripting compelling content while Pictory handles the heavy lifting. Highly recommended for anyone looking to turn ideas into visuals quickly and effectively.

Blog Posts to Videos

As a digital marketer, I was excited to test Pictory AI's Blog Posts to Videos feature, which automatically converts blog articles into professional videos optimized for social media and websites.

How It Works

  1. Copy and paste your blog post text into Pictory's editor or import the URL.
  2. Customize the video style, visuals, voiceover, music, and more to match your brand.
  3. Pictory's AI analyzes the post to pull relevant clips and images, visualizing the content.
  4. The AI stitches everything together into a polished, shareable video in minutes.


  • Pictory translated lengthy blog posts into cohesive video stories that effectively communicate key points and messaging.
  • Video asset selection and editing were relevant and high quality.
  • Voiceovers sounded smooth and natural, and the background music and transitions tied everything together nicely.

Key Benefits

  1. Increased blog traffic and lower bounce rates.
  2. Expanded reach on social media.
  3. Saves hours of manual video creation.
  4. Revitalizes old blog content in a new format.

Pictory's Blog Posts to Videos feature a perfect 5/5 rating. It's an indispensable tool for repurposing articles into engaging videos. Highly recommended for all bloggers and marketers.

Highlight Creation

As a digital marketer who frequently hosts webinars and podcasts, I was excited to try Pictory AI's Highlight Creation feature, which automatically generates shareable clips from long-form content.

How It Works

  1. Upload your recording, and Pictory transcribes it using AI speech recognition.
  2. View the full transcript and tag the parts you want to highlight.
  3. Pictory AI analyzes engagement signals to detect additional compelling moments.
  4. The highlights are stitched into a polished, branded video compilation ready for sharing.


  • Pictory AI smartly extracts shareworthy highlights and creates promotional snippets for repurposing across channels.
  • The video quality is professional and engaging.

Key Benefits

  • Saves hours of manual editing.
  • Expands reach and visibility.
  • Drives more webinar and podcast sign-ups.

Pictory's Highlight Creation feature 5/5 stars. It's an invaluable tool for maximizing the impact of long-form content through easily created, effective video highlights.

Automatic Captions

Pictory's Automatic Captions tool uses advanced speech recognition to add subtitles to videos automatically, saving creators significant time while making content more accessible.

How It Works

  1. Upload or paste a video link into Pictory
  2. The AI analyzes the audio and generates a full text transcript.
  3. Customizable captions are added and synced to the video timeline.
  4. Edit the captions before exporting the final subtitled video.


  • Pictory's automatic captioning impressed me with over 95% accuracy in speech-to-text transcription.
  • The captions are clear, correctly synced, and customizable to match my brand.
  • Adding subtitles manually takes hours, but Pictory's AI does it instantly with precision.

Key Benefits

  • Saves countless hours of manual work.
  • Expands reach to deaf/hard-of-hearing viewers.
  • Optimizes video SEO.

Pictory's Automatic Captions 5/5 stars. It's a game-changer for efficient subtitling and highly recommended for all content creators.

Teams Plan

As the marketing lead for a fast-growing startup, I was thrilled to test Pictory AI's new Teams plan, designed to facilitate smoother video collaboration across our distributed content team and external creative partners.

The Pictory Teams plan revolutionizes creative team collaboration on video projects in one unified workspace.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Asset Sharing: Easily upload and organize raw footage, scripts, storyboards, and graphics in structured folders visible to the entire team, saving massive time.
  • Multi-user Access: Entire video team, plus external producers and animators, can access the same projects, eliminating the need for email or drive shuffles.
  • Customizable Permissions: As Admin, can control asset access and editing rights on a user basis, which is helpful for managing external partners.
  • Built-in Review Tools: Provide time-stamped feedback on cuts directly within Pictory for faster video iterations.

How Does Pictory Work?

Pictory leverages advanced artificial intelligence to analyze and edit videos seamlessly. By simply uploading a script, blog post, or lengthy video, Pictory will automatically create a concise video.
Key AI-powered features include:

  1. Text to Video: Transform scripts and blog posts into videos with automatically generated visuals, voiceovers, and music.
  2. Blog to Video: Convert blog posts into engaging videos to enhance traffic and improve search rankings.
  3. Auto Video Summarizer: Automatically extract key points from long videos to create brief clips ideal for social media.
  4. Auto Captions: Quickly and accurately add captions to videos.

The AI handles all the intricate tasks of editing, such as finding relevant stock footage and images, and generating voiceovers, significantly reducing the time compared to manual editing.

Pictory AI Pricing Plans

Free Trial

Experience our services with a free trial that allows you to create three video projects, each up to 10 minutes in length!

Pictory AI Subscription Plans & Pricing

Pictory AI offers a variety of subscription plans to accommodate different user needs and budgets. From the cost-effective Standard Plan to the comprehensive Enterprise Plan, there's a Pictory AI subscription for every content creator. Let’s explore these plans to help you find the perfect fit.

Standard Plan

Ideal for entry-level video creators, the Standard Plan offers essential features at an affordable rate. Priced at $23 per month or $19 per month with annual billing, this plan allows you to create up to 30 videos each month using Pictory AI's core capabilities.

Premium Plan

Designed for businesses and professionals seeking enhanced customization and superior results, the Premium Plan is available at $47 per month or $39 per month with annual billing. This plan includes advanced features like multi-clip video generation, advanced editing tools, and customizable brand templates. With the Premium Plan, you can create up to 60 videos monthly, taking your content creation to the next level.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is tailored for large enterprises and teams, offering additional collaboration tools and priority support for a seamless video creation experience. Pricing is customized to meet your specific business needs. This plan provides limitless possibilities, a dedicated account manager, and a robust platform to manage complex video projects effortlessly.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and elevate your content creation with Pictory AI.

Pictory AI Pricing Plans

Image credit: pictory.ai

Key Differences Between Pictory AI Plans

Pictory AI Pricing Plans


  • Starter Plan: Ideal for individual creators just getting started.
  • Professional Plan: Unlocks additional capabilities for power users.
  • Teams Plan: Enables organization-wide access with enhanced collaboration tools and support.

Benefits and Use Cases

For Marketers

Pictory AI enables marketers to swiftly create promotional and social media videos from blog posts in minutes. Easily reshare highlights from webinars and podcasts, and repurpose long videos into concise, engaging clips.

For Agencies

Agencies can save significant video editing time for their clients, enhancing their service offerings with automated video creation. This allows them to deliver more value and upsell video creation services effectively.

For Video Bloggers

Video bloggers can transform scripts into YouTube videos faster and animate blog posts to boost traffic. Creating video versions of articles becomes seamless, increasing content reach and engagement.

For Coaches & Course Creators

Coaches and course creators can generate training videos from notes and scripts, engaging students with customized video lessons. Additionally, they can promote their courses with AI-generated video ads, reaching a broader audience.

Pictory AI Performance Metrics

Video Creation Time

  • Converts 2,000-word blog scripts into high-quality videos in 8-12 minutes.
  • Renders less complex 300-word articles in 3-5 minutes, all in full HD.

Quality of AI Voiceovers

  • Integrated text-to-speech voices sound human and clear.
  • Over 20 language options with adaptable tone and cadence.
  • Voice quality rated 4.5 out of 5.

Accuracy of Automatic Captions

  • Speech-to-text accuracy exceeds 95%.
  • Captions closely match spoken words and are timed well.

Highlight Extraction Precision

  • Automatically extracts engaging 30-60 second clips with 85-90% accuracy
  • Ideal for creating teasers and previews for social media.

User Interface and Experience

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use editor with no learning curve.
  • Overall UX rated 4.8 out of 5

Rendering Speed

  • Full HD video rendering averages 1 minute per 1 minute of content
  • 4K videos take about 1.5 minutes per 1 minute

Integration Capabilities

  • Integrates with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., for direct publishing.
  • Embeds with popular CMS platforms and CRMs through Zapier.

Pictory AI delivers exceptional performance and productivity, making it an indispensable content creation tool in my workflow. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Pictory AI Pros and Cons


  • Creates professional videos from text in minutes, saving significant time.
  • Intuitive editor interface with ample customization options.
  • High-quality text-to-speech voiceovers.
  • Relevant media selection and editing by AI.
  • Automated captions and subtitles.
  • Excellent for repurposing blogs and scripts into videos.
  • Cost-effective video production.


  • Limited design customization compared to manual editing.
  • AI doesn't replace human creative direction.
  • Captions could be more precise.
  • Tech limitations on complex scene visualization.
  • Asset library could be more extensive.
  • Occasional slow video rendering.